Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lock up!

Well we really are into fixing.. but lock up :P It was delayed because of our brick error which did end up being a bit serious. They have had to render the back of the house. This was our compromise, we are left with a really dodgy looking side wall after Austral delivered 2 different batches and our choice was to accept the compromise or delay our build time at our own expense. Feels like we got screwed either way sorry to be blunt! Nevertheless now I am getting used to the idea of render out in the entertaining area. And of course I am pretty excited that the house is feeling so 'house' like now that the plaster etc is happening. Thanks for following along!

Bifolds from inside. There is a view of the You Yangs from that little window and if we had known we might have put another window next to it. But it is possible we won't keep the view depending on who builds down that hill. We had a view of them from the dining table, but the neighbours next door built tall ceilings and so we miss the view by about well less than a half metre!

Everything plastered. This is a few days ago and now there are cornices and skirting boards too! Have been slow with the blog updates. Hopefully more pics soon.
What you are looking at here is our vegie garden area (or one of). There is a retaining wall and then a path beside it so that the patches are higher up to save our back.
These are the wall sthat will end up being rendered. Loving my bifolds! The boys are going to build a deck and some sort of permanent cover so that the children can play here in the winter with protection for the elements. If anyone has ideas about more stylish ways of doing that - appreciated them!
View from the neighbours house :) Still render to this front area. We are so nervous about colours with that especially given that our brick is now a different colour to what we matched with.


  1. I wouldn't really recommend actually putting a vegie patch in that planned location. That amount of moisture right on your foundation on a permanent basis will compromise the foundation over time.

    You are meant to have all water drain away from the slab, not place a garden there that requires a lot of watering. Your really shouldn't put any sort of garden directly next the the slab, unless it was a succulent/cactus that requires virtually no watering.

    Unless you want a lot of movement in your homes, walls cracking etc, I'd strongly recommend finding a better suited spot - away from the slab (say 1 metre plus). Or if space is an issue what about a wheel barrow garden? Then you can just move it around when needed

  2. Yes Daniel you are right on the money. Despite or various discussions regarding this area with our supervisor and the need for us to pay an additional many thousands of dollars for the retaining wall above what we were quoted by Porter Davis, we now understand as you say that we received poor advice. Although as my DH said it would have required an engineering permit, delays etc. On our final inspection we were given the information you note here. We feel that our supervisor in many ways told us what we wanted to here, did what he needed to keep us happy as we went along and then cut and ran. Whilst small issues were fixed after the fact, this took continuous follow up from us with other staff, was exhausting, and many of the fixes are sub standard - not what you expect with a brand new home. As for the garden, we are only planting edible not ornamental so we have plenty of space to use to create something fantastic. Will always be a pity about the use of that space however.