Friday, February 24, 2012

Bolero (UTF) Laminate Timber Flooring

I have been trying to get some more info on the flooring we have chosen but because I am not having any success I thought that I may as well be the first to put something out there on our blog about it and share as many pics as I have taken.

I chose Bolero Laminate Timber Flooring after a lot of research and hard thought and am very happy with the decision - even though it is not installed yet! So I will report back. Just wanted to put that here for anyone considering it. With a 1 and 3 year old and not yet complete as a family, I wanted something that could look reasonable despite the trashing I know it will get in the next 5 years and not cost me all of the other upgrades I had in mind for my new home, our first build.

Laminate flooring is one of the hardest wearing floor solutions on the market. No yukky grout so get discoloured as with tiles and no cold feet in winter; plus I just feel that even laminate feels more inviting as a floor solution particularly when dressed with rugs and other furniture.We were advised that the Bolero is being used as dance floor flooring and it has a 20 year warranty which was inviting.

We found a bunch of photos here plus the ones that we took ourselves are below.
Colours all lined up at the showroom
Rustic Grey
Rustic Coffee
Dusty Rock
Rustic Grey

Rustic Coffee Again?

The Bolero Sample Sheets in at Hopetoun. We chose 4th from the right - Dusty Rock. But have not ever seen an IRL pic of it; expect the ones we took ourselves!
Rustic Anthracite
Comparing the colour Bolero and I think maybe Rustic stone? Floor samples were availabe on loan from the tile company.
The Dusty Rock Bolero Flooring with our other colour selections.

Franke, Frankly.

Just a little note to let you all know that our Franke tap has arrived from WWW.SINKS-TAPS.COM; very pleased! It was a little larger than we expected even having the dimensions, when you see it BAM! Huge statement piece :P The postage -was- almost as much as the tap itself but well worth it and far less than we would have paid locally for a similar Franke tap.

We are of course yet to install it and will pop up some real life pics when we do that. Our experience with Sinks-Taps was awesome; the removed the VAT for us and the shipping was lightning fast with UPS (isn't that the guys wearing the brown uniforms?).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lock up!

Well we really are into fixing.. but lock up :P It was delayed because of our brick error which did end up being a bit serious. They have had to render the back of the house. This was our compromise, we are left with a really dodgy looking side wall after Austral delivered 2 different batches and our choice was to accept the compromise or delay our build time at our own expense. Feels like we got screwed either way sorry to be blunt! Nevertheless now I am getting used to the idea of render out in the entertaining area. And of course I am pretty excited that the house is feeling so 'house' like now that the plaster etc is happening. Thanks for following along!

Bifolds from inside. There is a view of the You Yangs from that little window and if we had known we might have put another window next to it. But it is possible we won't keep the view depending on who builds down that hill. We had a view of them from the dining table, but the neighbours next door built tall ceilings and so we miss the view by about well less than a half metre!

Everything plastered. This is a few days ago and now there are cornices and skirting boards too! Have been slow with the blog updates. Hopefully more pics soon.
What you are looking at here is our vegie garden area (or one of). There is a retaining wall and then a path beside it so that the patches are higher up to save our back.
These are the wall sthat will end up being rendered. Loving my bifolds! The boys are going to build a deck and some sort of permanent cover so that the children can play here in the winter with protection for the elements. If anyone has ideas about more stylish ways of doing that - appreciated them!
View from the neighbours house :) Still render to this front area. We are so nervous about colours with that especially given that our brick is now a different colour to what we matched with.