Thursday, January 26, 2012

In other better news!

Exciting stuff at our place, things keeping moving which is awesome. Roof on, gutters fascia, bricks starting, inside electrical almost finished, plumbing done, bath thingo in, BIFOLD DOORS IN! WOO HOO! Front door and garage door are on. Lock up here we come..

We don't like the front door so we are hoping it will grow on us as things progress and it is painted. Otherwise its an easy thing to change post handover. We thought it would look classic but it just dates the otherwise modern look of the house.

-This was me having a moment like that Colorbond ad.. like ahhh the roof, its bewdi-ful! ;P  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brick issue

The next post will be updating with general progress; but before we get to that, we have our first real 'issue'; check out this brick error; can you see the garage wall at the start of the shot is how the bricks -should- look, all one colour, no variations. Now check the southern wall of the house to the right - it is in shadow but you can see that the bricks are all over the shop, light and dark and just look crazy. Eek!

At this stage we will be asking for this crazy wall  be rendered - but we really wanted the exposed brick at the back area. Hopefully a full render won't be required.