Independent Inspections

The builder must fix defects if the independent building inspector points out defects in relation to:
- Australian Standards
- Building Code of Australia
- Manufacturer's installation instructions
- Building Acts (e.g. in Victoria, they are: Building Act 1993, Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995, Building Regulations 2006).

See the Building Comission Guide to Standards & Tolerances 2007 ... IDE_07.pdf

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Peter Limberg from
"I must warn you that he was not cheap but you do get what you pay for.
For instance...he insisted that he inspected the formwork before the concrete pour, had a go at the builder (Henley) for their lack of cooperation. He was measuring up the pipework on the slab before the concrete was poured and the formwork guys said to me that most inspector just take a quick look.
Any problems he found during the stages he would give a detailed report, quote the correct building regs and give instructions to give the builder to make things right. I really believe that because of him we had very little problems from Henley." (

Kevin McDonald from New Home Inspections

Malcolm Axford of the Building Watchdog

"He was thorough and his quote was reasonable". (Karmaz, Homeone).


  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you engaged Peter Limberg yourself for your PD build.

    We are building a prestige Home with PD atm, and after looking at your resources page, we decided to engage Peter. He seems very professional and HE KNOWS WHAT HES DOING for sure!

    We're just wondering if you had a good experience with him.

    1. Thanks for asking Gabriel. In the end PD convinced us not to have this inspection - big mistake! There were absolutely things he would have picked up that were missed. Live and learn.