Saturday, October 1, 2011

"I consider Taupe to be the most sophisticated of all colours" - Greer Honeywill

Haha we love that quote. In regard to interior colour I generally like a french country/modern american style that lends itself to a taupe/latte interior wall colour. I got lots of inspiration from this article about the home of artist Greer Honeywill (from June 2009 issue of Home Beautiful).  

A little something that we have been paying attention to is where artwork is hung both in the display homes of our house plan and when we are struck by a style or an article that sits with what we like.

Sigh; I'm so tired. This building thing is exhausting. Anyway, back to the topic.

We have been searching for the right interior colour scheme that follows along with our plan to have walls that are not white or cream. First off we tried to stick to the limited offerings of the builder's paint ranges - Solver Builders Range or Wattyl Finishing Touch. Isn't it funny that when you Google these products you get nothing! We didn't mind Reiki (Wattyl FT) but the sample pot came off throwing purple hues? We almost said Nomad Beige (Solver BR) but it's actually quite mustard?

We did snap some great colours in the display homes that helped. Hard to committ to a colour if you have not actually seen it in person.

Beautiful colour surrounding these bifolds.

We like this colour from the Drysdale30 display at Saltwater Creek, Point Cook; but haven't asked what it is yet. Really, there should be a customer accesible database with this info?!

 We found THIS colour which we -LOVE- and we think this is it for us. It's Solver Knave from Bed 3, Drysdale30 Williams Landing.Only question is if its too light?  
Choosing Solver Knave means we have to upgrade our paint to a 3 coat system at a ridiculous cost ($2K). However because this is something so foundational to the look and feel of the house, we think we are going ahead. There is also value in a good quality washable wall paint with children.

Speaking of the children, we have some great plans for their rooms. For our son we are really inspired by this photo from the Wattyl Inspiring Schemes Interior Design brochure: we like that colour Paradise Bay blue on one wall; with a combination of Catherine Martin's Circus Silhouettes Wallpaper (not the stripes) to another main wall and probably some white floating shelves on the wallpaper'd side. We feel like it represents such a fun room for our little man. He has a load of colourful wooden toys and some baskets to add some warmth to the space along with his white bed.

Circus Silhouettes; Close Up

For our little girl Wattyl Gracieux suits perfectly. Really subtle and beautiful. We are taking her colour pallette from a Danish toy she was given on her blessing day - the Maileg 'Princess and the Pea' Bed and Book set.

Would love to see some links to your own interior design inpirations so post away comments with anything that might help us or others in their build planning. Do you have experience with Wattly ID or Solver Maxi Wash paint - Circus print wallpaper or anything else interior design related?! Please share, we can all use all the help we can get :P

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