Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Visit - Hopetoun Interiors

Finally a quiet moment where I don't feel like collapsing in a heap and would like to share the pics I took at Hopetoun Interiors. I think it really helps to know what is there and more importantly, what is not! I am the kind of person that likes to know what I am getting when I am paying for it.

Welcome to Hopetoun Interiors! We were laughing a little at the 'secrecy' of it all - let in with an intercom system and then stopped near this sign to get our lot number etc.

We visited a few weeks back and it was quite easy to find, there was parking enough for 10-15 vehicles. We had no choice but to bring our children and they were mostly awesome and partly irritating to the staff. There is a children's room with some very dirty couches and toys with the feeling that they had not been cleaned in a while. I must say without this room we would not have acheived a thing so, appreciate that it was there.

Was not intending on reviewing the place :P

Garage Door and Window Lock Display

Round sink or square sink? We are going square. These are both standard sinks for Optima Nuovo from what we gather. Mixer and the right also standard. Know more? Please comment! 

Renders - just a small example selection, you can pick any paint colour.

 Bricks. for a more comprehensive brick post see 'You can't make bricks without straw.'

Macquarie Roof Tiles - Standard for the Optima Nuovo Range. Forgive the rotated pic; blogger error and I don't have time to correct right now.

Bolero Laminate 'Wooden' Flooring Colour Options. I have other pics if you need them. We were able to take these full sized samples from our local Tile People store which was generous, practical and helpful.

Carpet underlay is not an expensive upgrade ($500-$800 for single storey?) and seems worthwhile to us. Please do comment with your quotes if you are up for it. FYI the display home use Cat 3 'Supreme.' I had a photo including all of them; but the quality was clearer on this one and at the end of the day if you want to upgrade you will be wanting to see the higher categories anyway!

What are these? LOL.

Aluminium Window Colour Options

Now for a whole load of handle pics. There were 3 ranges; standard, builders and builder plus.

 Hope this is helpful in some way to someone. Have a great week!


  1. consider cleaning behind the square basin as I think they are positioned quite close to the tile splashback. The flooring co reccomended that upgrade to level three underlay would be more than sufficient but that an upgrade if possible was more important in the underlay than the carpet category. on another note: consider the window colour with both the indoor colour scheme and facade colour scheme - we forgot you can see the window from both. Doh!

  2. Hello,
    Love your blog :-)
    In regards to underlay when I went to hopetoun oct 10, we paid around 1k for the supablue. But I am building a 42sq home! I think around 22-24 is most likely carpeted & the stairs.
    Looking forward to seeing your house built :-)