Friday, November 4, 2011

An update! What have you missed?

Well those pesky soil reports did come back and suggest that we required piering – making us a 650sq block. 1.2-2.4m fall left to right, H class waffle slab. The cost went up to a further $15K over our very detailed estimate from another reputable builder creating issues for us with affording our upgrades. We have spent some time fluctuating between happy and unhappy campers. Right now we are in the down camp again having received an estimate site start of late November. We had originally been very clear on needing an October site start and it does feel like after some significant fluffing around and about 11 emails since August asking for things to be processed promptly, here we are.

We do feel though that PD attempt to resolve any concerns that we raise when we raise them which is a large part of what directed us to them as a builder in the first place. However it is draining having to chase up on so many levels. Hope that having the house plan we love in the end will make up for all the palaver.

Our extremely competent BC [S] has resigned – is it just me or do they have some crazy big turnover in there? Unfortunately not filling me with confidence. Hope to be back blogging again soon with a site start date. In the meantime, we finally got a little sold sticker on our land board ;P. 

OH! We also found out the house number we will be on our street - funny how the little things feel like very exciting news :)


  1. It's a constant roller coaster this building business, but for what it's worth, that extra 15k will seem insignificant once you turn that key for the first time. Plus, if you stay in your home for 15 years, it's only $1,000 per year!

    Try to keep smiling. It truly will all be worth it in the end :)

    1. Thanks Reinsey - yep it does all feel worth it now that we have been in our house for some time. Just feels like 'you live you learn' sort of thing.