Saturday, October 8, 2011

Soil testing

Hooray! Evidence of soil testing at the block. Site costs are one of our biggest question marks and could possibly put a spanner in our works.

and another.

What a test hole looks like..
Turns out there were 3, so we did miss one.

Asked for our soil report and we were pretty sure that we had under 1m of fall left to right but it turns out that there is about 1.2-1.4m :/ Now the nervous wait til our engineering comes back.

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  1. Our site costs turned out to be $35K WOWSERS. We didn't even have the much fall and we know many people in soil movement so in retrospect wish we had done this part ourselves. Live and learn. Just don't hesitate to have a conversation about doing things yourself and don't be swayed - many people build on a 'ready' block and there should be no issue with you getting it ready for built yourself IMHO.