Thursday, September 1, 2011

Well, here we are!

This year we decided that we needed to make a change. Well actually, we acted on the decision this year but probably made it last year. Our life is busy and we feel that functionality is a priority right now. After looking for property for a good while and not finding anything that clicked, we decided that building was a good option. So it seems to all be falling together; we have sold our home, found a great block of land centrally located. We have chosen a preferred builder and researched like crazy. Just waiting for the last ducks to line up.

Because our family and friends are so far spread, we loved the idea of starting our 'build blog'. If you didn't already know it, it's the thing you do when you build a home in 2011 ;).

People have been asking if this is our dream home. It's not really our dream home; there are limits on what we can 'do' and we have chosen a floorplan that we love over the fanciest of fixtures and fittings.  However when life is a dream, and you are so incredibly blessed to be building a house, even to have a roof over your head - well that makes this a dream home of sorts doesn't it?

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